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When looking at the paintings of Piet Groenendijk, one is immediately struck by a delicate balance of personal vision and cool objectivity: an ability to distance himself from the objects he is portraying. Everything is weighed up, considered, and, in a few strokes, laid bare on canvas. Here much is left out. There is no room for detail. He paints, as it were, the essence of things. His paintings reveal a heightened degree of abstraction, expressed in the non figurative way in which a dune or a tree is painted. His landscapes are populated by a series of modern objects traffic signs, automobiles and so on; witnesses of activity by mankind.

Piet was educated at the Amsterdams Instituut voor de Schilderkunst.

The paintings of cities like New York or Berlin, as well as the African work is often carried out working alongside other painters. He regularly works in conjunction with the Dutch painters Voss and Hagendoorn and the German painters Leippert and Krigar. His work is represented in several musea.

The work displayed here, apart from the studiowork, is painted “after nature”.

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